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 I would like to take this opportunity to say Thank you to all of the stallion owners that comprise the CBHI membership, which grew to 163 stallions this year.  Your support of this program has resulted in its’ continuous expansion and as we move toward our 10th year in operation, we should all be very proud of what has been accomplished thus far.      2013 saw the presentation of our first Super Stakes awards with 23 out of the possible 40 horses running in the Futurity.  A huge congratulations out to Milt Rigetti and rider Randa Nugent on the first placed Foxy Rose Bug sired by Crimewave .  Milt received both awards as the horse’s owner and the stallion owner.  Second place honors went to Kirsty White as the owner/rider of Copper Bugs Alive sired by AR Missin Cash who is owned by Suitor Quarter Horses – recipient of the “stallion owner kick-back”.  Hart Quarter horses claimed the third place cheques with Preppies Last Judge, ridden by Rene LeClercq and sired by their stallion Preppies Last.  The fourth place cheques for both owner and stallion owner were picked up by one of the founding members of the CBHI - Dee Butterfield riding Add A First sired by Perfect Possibility.       It was a milestone event for the CBHI to be presenting those Super Stakes cheques!  They were the result of countless hours of research and discussion by a group of people committed to the idea of creating something significant for Canadian breeders.  The support and participation of the stallion owners has made this vision into a reality that’s future has been getting brighter each and every year since its’ inception.  Next year we will see the Super Stakes Futurity pot more than double this year’s as well as the inaugural awarding of a Super Stakes Derby payout.    Perfect Possibility was the leading CBHI sire with a total of 24 placings throughout the year for a total regular program stallion kick-back of $1349.28 to owner Dee Butterfield.  Second was Crimewave owned by Milt Rigetti at $1068.18 and third on the list was Root Beers Boots owned by Sandy Ridge Stallion Station at $899.52.  Each placing for 2013 resulted in $56.22 back to the stallion owner – the complete list of stallion earnings is available on the website.    The number of entries at our annual Futurity and Derby were a testament to the effort put in by our program co-ordinator Kelly and a hard-working crew of people.  Anyone that has ever hosted an event knows the amount of work and planning that is involved and I hope that everyone that worked to put together this year’s show knows how much their efforts are appreciated.      Please note that the stallion nomination deadline is December 1st, 2013 and if you miss the deadline, you will be moved to the bottom of the waiting list and may lose your odd/even sale year date when you are reinstated.  As of 2014 all Super Stakes entries into the Breeder’s Sale must be yearlings.  AGM items must be submitted in writing with your name a minimum of 30 days before the AGM which will be held in Ponoka at PAECS January 18, 2014.  Director nomination forms can be found on the website and must be filled out, signed, faxed, e-mailed or mailed and received in the CBHI office 30 days prior to the AGM (by Dec.19, 2013)    I personally want to extend my gratitude to all of the people that have been expressing their thoughts and recommendations with respect to the structure, operation and growth of the CBHI.  The success of this association is due to the ideas that have been contributed by its’ membership over the years as well as the countless hours of volunteer labour.   

I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season and I look forward to seeing many of you at the AGM!


Sincerely;                                                    Alison Low   -  CBHI President



cbhi_mar_2011_meeting minutes-(word)



Meeting brought to order at 12:08 pm on October 09, 2010 in Thorsby, Alberta

Board Members Present:

Kelly Danard – Secretary / Treasurer Sharon Fergusson – President Alison Low – Vice President Lorene Stone – Director JoAnn Winther – Director Keri Schweer – Director Ralph Danard – Director Marti Bishop – Director

Stallion Owners Present: Veer, Batchelor, Bishop, Bull, Gertner, Tollefson, Pallameter, Strauss, Groves, Cooper, Fowler, Muldoon, Nugent, Wilson, Brook, Butterfield, Hart, Shauffer, Bresee, Reardon, Suitor. (sorry if I missed anyone)
Bishop adopted the minutes from October 09, 2009 as read.

Treasurer's Report: As of Sept 01, 2010

chequing $54 099.29

savings/super stakes $16177.49


2013 payout = Dec.11, 2009 deposit of $23 000.00 at 2.3% value @maturity $24623.29 { please see note at the end of this document }

2014 payout = June 01, 2010 deposit of $40 000.00 at 3.125% value @maturity $45319.46

( it is not the $50, 000.00 we have advertised because all the money from the on farm picks were not in by the time the investment was made)

old business:

-voting results from 09 were read. arising from that was the stallion buy back this will be put to a vote with the different ideas, aged super stakes horses for the sale, and super stakes certificates, will be discussed at this meeting.

-web site-we are working on that with Barb Poulsen and will be discussed in new business.

new business:

-Kelly made a motion to have the stallion's paid in($250 or $500 stallion incentive fee's) or post dated cheque's in by Jan 1 as well as the super stakes stallion donation form in. All in favour passed

-web site, Kelly and Barb are working on this. They have come up with a question answer page. Kelly will send that our in the voting issue's email for everyone to put down questions. When the voting results come back we will post this questions with the answer's. Kelly has also asked Barb to put a downloadable form page. This will have all the forms for everything on one page. Kelly also stated that the search engines pick up on text, so having all the stallions on the home page is the best.
-Schweer made a motion to change the dates of the super stakes stallion auction to Feb 1 to 28, 2011 Hart 2nd all in favour ,passed.

-allowing aged super stakes horses in the sale, discussion on the topic and Tollesfson made a motion not to allow aged super stakes horses in the sale, Bishop 2nd, all in favour, passed.

-super stakes payout, we discussed putting some of the money in the derby. For right now it is only for the futurity. this will have to go to a vote with different scenario's for people to look at.

-capping stallions- Nugent made a motion not to cap the stallions this year and we will re visit this next year. Schweer 2nd, all in favour, passed.

-Bishop made a motion that once a super stakes certificate is issued there's no refund or switching. Hart 2nd,all in favour, passed

-Groves made a motion to do all the work of putting on a futurity Calcutta to raise a little extra money. all in favour passed

-non profit- a lengthy conversation basically it is at a stand still. Kelly did get the name search done. Sharon will look in to this. We need to get this in placed to get the investments out of Alison's name and under the CBHI once we are registered.

-Bresee made a motion to budget a certain % to Kelly, but she has tabled her motion for now.

-paying Kelly- another lengthy conversation. basically it came down to few ideas, administration charge on the super stakes for 1 example put we will table this for now until we know where we stand financially at the end of the year and it will be presented to the stallion owners with different scenario's.

Gertner made a motion to pay Kelly once it is decide on. Bishop 2nd, all in favour, passed.

-advertising -this will be put to a vote again

(Kelly forgot to bring this up at the meeting)-stallion breeding reports. Kelly wants to keep records of the #'s to show how things are hopefully changing for the better. This will be followed up on later date.

-Fowler said that all the stallion owners have to take some part, for example posting the adds we send out and talk to people.

-Bishop said we should help Kelly as much as possible and with kindness. He said we have to remember this is alot of work that Kelly donates to this and get's the same benefits as everyone of us.

{ Please note that the delay in depositing the initial investment was due to the name of the Canadian Barrel Horse Incentive not being registered – we finally invested it under Alison’s name until this issue can be rectified. As she addressed at the meeting this is not a viable long term solution and she does not wish to have it as such much longer – should anything happen to her in the interim, all required documents are on file with Kelly / CBHI and the investment company ( ). The current directions are for a Change of Ownership to the current Secretary / Treasurer of the CBHI. As soon as the investigation is done relative to our options re: Non Profit etc. and the name is registered again, the necessary Change of Ownership documents to the Canadian Barrel Horse Incentive will filed immediately. If you have any questions specific to this, please feel free to contact Alison }


NEW FOR 2010.....

This year the CBHI will be awarding points to nominated horses competing at co-sanctioned events. Points will be awarded for placing and attending, this points will accumulate throughout the year. High Point blankets will be awarded to the Futurity/Derby and Open events with presentations taking place in Thorsby, October 10th.

Blanket sponsors are:

"Hansma Cutting Horses" home of "Caught Me Lookin",
"Double T Ranches " home of " Western Dash "

"Rock N Rock Acres "home of "Time Line","La Royal Dash"and"Cash For Firewater".

2010 Year End CBHI Winning Horses

Futurity    Winner     Rider/Owner  

Ima Little Hottie Suitor's              

Derby Winner  Rider/Owner  

Sugars Top Cash Lana Bohnet              

Open Winner  Rider/Owner   

Whos Doll Fire Kim Mahon              

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